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He Has A Way

Today, it’s cloudy again. I have just returned home from a camping trip where we finally had sunshine. Pretty much a week of sunshine with only one day of rain. Where was that? you ask, because for the first two months of 2021, it has been clouds, cold and rainstorms. Yet there we were, camping on Jekyll Island, and God blessed our week with sunshine and warmer temperatures. Finally!

Alas, to be back from vacation and today it’s clouds and rain again. Seems to me that has been the case spiritually speaking for not a few of you. What can you do when the clouds of discouragement never seem to give you a break? I have only one sure answer—lean on the Lord. In everything you do, lean on Him. Lean on Jesus who knows your pain. He has a way to lift you above the morass of despair through the help of His perfect grace. More on that later. Until then, my prayer for you is that you will open your heart to lean on Jesus.